Success at Silverstone

Jake 2015, race report

On the 12th of September, Hangar 111 and JLMotorsport took a trip to Silverstone, the home of the British Formula 1 Grand Prix. Considered the home of British Motor Racing, we wanted to leave our mark. Silverstone had a similar day layout to Spa, with a single one hour race covering both Elise Trophy and Cup UK, so it was key that we could finish well to help both our campaigns.

It started off as a cloudy, wet and miserable day, but this favours us. We ended the 30 minutes free practice in first place, and then prepared ourself for qualifying.

James went out to qualify the number 34 car in difficult conditions. It was damp to start, but was drying quickly meaning the longer you could stay out the better. The times started tumbling towards the end of the session, with everyone going faster and faster every lap. Unfortunatley James got held up behind a slower car on his last lap, meaning that we had to settle for second, behind Elise Trophy rival Luigi Massa. Still a great place to start from in the hour long race.

James was to start the race as usual, and had a good start keeping himself in second right behind the leader. It stayed this way for the first 7 laps with the first three pulling away from the rest of the pack, but keeping very close together and showing the crowd some great, clean racing. After lap 7, James made a move on Luigi Massa and it paid off, putting him into first place! James then started to pull away as second and third were doing battle, and managed to create a seven second gap before he came into the pits.

The pitstop was very slick, with everything going according to plan and the Hangar 111 team doing their best impression of a real Formula 1 pitstop crew! This resulted in our fastest pitstop ever of 3:00.653, only 0.653 seconds over the legal time! This helped us increase our lead even further, as second places pitstop was 3:07, meaning we gained another seven seconds in the pits!

From then on it was plain sailing for Andrew at his home circuit. He extended the gap to second by another four seconds, and also got the fastest lap in the process! A fantastic drive from both drivers got us 31 out of the possible 32 points available, in both Cup UK and Elise Trophy. This extended our Cup UK lead to 28 points and leaves us second in Elise Trophy.

One round is all that’s left now, at Snetterton 300 on Saturday 31st October, where we will find out who is the King of the Elise Trophy and the Cup UK Production Champion. Keep up to date on our website and social media, where we will be posting live updates for the two Elise Trophy races and the 90 minute Cup UK race.